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Balneological Resort "Tbilisi-SPA"

The history of Tbilisi city begins with sulfurous waters, for centuries people used it as baths. In the 30s, under the guidance of physiotherapist and balneologist Mikheil Zandukeli, a unique project was created, according to which the resort should have been spread at 3-4 km up to Krtsanisi government residence. It should have been launched. Tbilisi Balneological Resort became operational in 1938. The doctors working here were the elite of medical professorate. In 1998 the building was granted a status of cultural heritage.

Balneology resort does not have any analogy in the world. The similar resort - capital in the world is in Budapest, in the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary) and in Germany (Baden-Baden).

Currently the Center offers unique natural curative factors: mineral sulfur water baths, volcanic medicinal mud applications, physiotherapy, therapeutic, health-improving massages: classic, manual, Thai, anti-cellulite; neurological rehabilitation for children and adolescents. The services will be provided with experienced medical personnel: therapist, neurologist, arthrology specialist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, gynecologist, pediatrician, and otolaryngologist.

The center provides treatment and rehabilitation of cardiologic, peripheral neurological, urological, endocrinologic, dermatological, pediatric, gynecological, bone joint system diseases.

You can conduct biochemical, clinical laboratory, radiological and ultrasound examinations with modern equipment.

The National Center represents a training base of Tbilisi State Medical University and Ivane Javakhishvili State University. There is also a massage school here ... the methods of modern treatment is introduced in the center - oxygen cocktail, deep cleansing of the bowel - hydrocolonotherapy.

In 2010 the Center was awarded with a certificate of quality, and in 2011 it was nominated for “The Best Tourist Curative Enterprise of the Year”.