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(in Latin balneum bath, bathroom, in Greek logis doctrine) – field of medicine that studies the origin of mineral waters and mud, their medicinal properties, treatment of the diseases in the bathroom with healthy water (SPA).

Mineral waters in balneology are rich with minerals such as silica, sulfur, selenium and radium. Medicinal clays are widely used as well. This practice is known as “Phonotherapy”.
Sharko Shower
Sharko Shower is distinguished by its multilateral effectiveness. Specialists often prescribe Sharko procedure during nervous and psychological disorders.
The procedure is effective:
➡ To improve the brain and spine function
➡ For the regulation of the cardiovascular system
➡ Increase immunity in the body The procedure is recommended when you are concerned:
➡ Muscle atonia
➡ Cellulite on the body
➡ Excessive weight (obesity)
➡ Toxins accumulation Sharko Shower activates muscle work and removes chronic fatigue, depending on the usefulness of the procedure your day will be more vigorous and successful.

Dry Spanning Procedure
In medicine spanning is one of the main medical methods used for treatment of damages of musculoskeletal system and the diseases caused by it (starting from the pain of radiculitis ending with the hernia of spine).

The spanning essence is as follows: the muscle spasms will be eliminated by short-term or long-term spanning, the intervertebral space narrowing and deformation of the spine column will be eradicated. This procedure will eliminate the development of a number of serious diseases. The spine extension to a certain level and maintenance in the required condition is reached by continuous spanning (one of the form of spanning).

The spanning procedure is individual. Dosage is determined by the patient’s condition, age, gender, physical strength.

Procedures may include several courses: 1 course includes 10-18 procedures, the duration of the procedure from 15 minutes to 120 minutes. It is possible to span the entire body, neck, chest, waist, area of knee joints.

The main part of the musculoskeletal system is the backbone, which holds entire body. It consists of separate vertebra. Each vertebra is connected to one other with the intervertebral disc. In a healthy condition, the cells are separated from each other at a certain distance. Over time the muscles are weakened, and the body’s intensity presses down on a backbone and the intervertebral space becomes dehydrated, nerve channel is narrowed, etc. This causes spinal deformity, which, in it turn, causes a number of diseases such as:
➡ Osteochondrosis
➡ Rachiocampsis
➡ Radiculitis
➡ Spine hernia, diskosis
➡ Headache
➡ Feeling weakness in the upper and lower extremities
➡ Insomnia
➡ Memory loss

Spinal spanning is not allowed in the following diseases:
➡ Osteoporosis
➡ Oncologic disease
➡ Stone disease
➡ Epilepsyшаблоны для dle 11.2